Chromium Bug Labels

Label Allowed values Description
  • Bug
  • Bug-Regression
  • Bug-Security
  • Compat
  • Feature
  • Launch
The issue type. An issue can only have one type.

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  • 0 to 3
The priority. An issue can only have one priority value. 0 is most urgent; 3 is least urgent.
  • All
  • Chrome
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
The operating system(s) on which the bug occurs.
  • 27, 28, 29
A release milestone before which we want to resolve the issue. An issue can only be assigned to one milestone??. Mstone-X is 'no milestone' (doesn't apply or not blocking any milestone).

? Except for security bugs. For those, the additional milestones denote branches that the bug should be merged to once fixed. ?See the severity guidelines.
  • Blink
  • Internals
  • Platform
  • UI-Shell
  • UI-Browser == Browser
  • Cr-OS-Hardware
  • Cr-OS-Kernel
  • Cr-OS-Systems

The product category to which an issue belongs. A bug can belong to multiple categories.

?Cr-Blink ?HTML, CSS, Javascript, and HTML5 features
?Cr-Internals ?Ugly guts, networking, IPC, storage backend, installer, etc
?Cr-Platform Developer Platform and Tools (Ext, AppsV2, NaCl, DevTools)
?Cr-UI-Shell ?Chrome OS Shell & Window Manager
?Cr-UI-Browser ?Browser related features (e.g. bookmarks, omnibox, etc...)
?Cr-OS-Hardware ?Chrome OS hardware related issues
?Cr-OS-Kernel?Chrome OS kernel level issues
?Cr-OS-Systems?Chrome OS system level issues?

Restrict-View-EditIssue - Used for security bugs to make a bug visible only to project members and the reporter.

Some other labels include:

Component and Labels are created in the system via //