Technical Discussion Groups for Chromium OS

We?use?the?following?groups?for?high?technical?content?discussions?about?implementation?details?within?Chromium OS.?The intended audience is engineers contributing code to Chromium OS.?If you're interested in the browser, you might also want to subscribe to some?Chromium technical discussion groups.

These groups are not the right place to post feature requests, help/support queries, or other end user questions!

For that, see the?general discussion groups.

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The engineers on the Chromium OS project use this group to discuss technical issues and to make announcements. This is a high-technical-content mailing list. Typical posts include items such as plans to reduce memory consumption, discussions around how certain code areas are implemented, developing for new processors and devices, announcements of new tests being added to the buildbots, and so forth.


This is a read-only list?for notifications of?reports of Chromium OS bugs and updates to existing bugs. Join this group if you want to monitor changes to the Chromium OS bug database.


This is a read-only list for notifications of individual check-ins to the Chromium OS project. Join this group if you want to monitor changes to the Chromium OS source code.


This is a high-technical-content list containing reviews of proposed changes to the source code of the Chromium OS open-source project. Join this group if you'd like to participate in or be notified of code reviews.

IRC Channel


Note: On 1/21/2010?we switched our?mailing lists to be hosted on Posts before that date for the above lists are available at?chromium-os-discuss, chromium-os-dev, chromium-os-bugs, chromium-os-checkins and chromium-os-reviews.